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Needed something from here?

The default password on a WYSE Winterm 9455XL is 'Fireport'. Default jumper config runs the CPU at 500 MHz.
Setting it to have the jumpers in closed, closed, open, open will clock the memory up to 133MHz, which also runs the CPU at 731MHz. You will want to consider active cooling for this particular change.
Most modern Linux distros will not install on this unit if they use a newer kernel (3.0 and up, some 2.6.x series kernels), as the CPU doesn't support PAE, CMOV. Debian tends to work.

Sprint still does not respect their customer base. That's why I stopped being a sprint customer in 2011. Softbank might change this if they do acquire Sprint, but don't hold your breath unless you're an MVNO.
Ting, Virgin Mobile, and Boost Mobile all have things to worry about when riding on Sprint towers. Also, CDMA. Ew.

Otherwise: Use the wayback machine, Luke.

-- Justin